What To Look For In Life Coach Schools

life coach schools

The question determining what I should look for in a life coach schools, is really not the question. Your question should be—what will I learn in a life coach school and how will I learn it?

Consider the result you want and work backwards. If being able to open your own business immediately and earn a return on investment for cost of your tuition, then use those features as your guiding light. Want to be ICF certified? Then limit your search to ICF life coach schools. 

Before we started MOXIE Coach we believed that ICF, next to our name, would be critical to our success. We quickly discovered, that it was the skills as a coach and not the 3 letters, that grew our business. Coaching is not regulated therefore the most valuable piece to building a strong coaching career is getting the best training and lots of practice with effective feedback.


Coaching skills are important, but there is so much more to think about such as “How will I learn?” and “What is the content like?” When we created Moxie Coach we had you, the coach, in mind. We strongly believe that you should sample before you buy…so try one of our free classes at here.

To pick a perfect training ask for options to try or review what and how you will be trained. Investing in tuition is a serious expense and you should be able to simply review the schools curriculum, their format, a sample of a video training and the workbook. Finally, ask for references because getting a return on your investment is the goal therefore getting insight to other’s experiences will be key.


Do the learning objectives of the school fit your future coach plans?

Review the schools’ curriculum.  How is coaching defined? What is the level of theory vs. practice and coaching exercises? Do the learning objectives of the school fit your future business goals? 

Is the life coach schools curriculum convenient for you?  

Will you be able to manage you current job and education requirements?  Are the class times flexible? Will travel be required?

Does the education appeal to all learning types for maximum engagement?

Are the top 3 types of learning styles used? Pick a life coach school that engages all 3 learning styles: visual, auditory and kinesthetic.  See this article for more information about learning styles.

How many coaching exercises and practice sessions do you participate in before taking your first client? How will you receive feedback on those sessions?

Many schools have coaching exercises and practice sessions, but the feedback can be provided from other students and not a trainer or master level coach.  At Moxie Coach, feedback comes from one of our certified trainers who attend 5 full coaching sessions with each student.

Does the life coach schools curriculum provide you with education to setup your business and market it?

Does the school help you identify a niche for your success? What support will you receive to set up your business after graduation? A school that provides you with additional training about marketing, creating a business plan, identifying your target market and even pricing and package creation, should be at the top of your list. Most coaches graduate without really identifying their niche. Watch out for schools that say it will come with time. A top school will help you identify a niche throughout your training and finalize it before you start your business plan. You can’t have a solid business plan without a niche.

What is the life coach schools cost?

A coaching school should be transparent with their prices and fees. Often times, schools will provide multiple levels of training with multiple levels of prices. You have to wonder, what is missing in the lowest priced level? Will you have acquired enough skills and practice, to be successful? A coaching school that cares about the quality of their graduating coaches, will want you to get the best training without having to remortgage your home. Again, because coaching is unregulated, you shouldn’t have to pay college tuition prices to become a highly skilled coach.

A final word…

At Moxie Coach, we have experienced other life coach schools, however we built a school that is unique, a little sassy and gives you next level skills. You get business knowledge and an easy way to start your virtual practice right after graduation. We are flexible, affordable, and approachable! Want to learn more go to Moxie Coach and take one of our free classes to get to know us better!

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