Don't be fooled by all these other training programs

Moxie isn’t your typical coaching school.

Instead of telling you that “you can be a coach”, because you already know this, we’ll just tell you how to become one with the skills you already have. 😉


Now Who Is Moxie For?

Rather, let’s ask, who isn’t this for. Nobody. Moxie sets out to make everyone coaching winners. Yes, you. You can become a coach and start your own successful coaching business. At Moxie, we throw out the rule book and do things a little differently. For everyone. For those who are held back by finance. For those with a calling to become a coach. For those who want an opportunity to live their passion! To the masses, we say worry not.


Start A Career That Benefits You!

Coaching with Moxie allows you to put yourself first while still helping others. But first, turn your back on that 9 to 5, and work for yourself. Advertise your business, host live sessions and grow your client base.

  • Leave That Cubicle, Enjoy Freedom

    Get out of the rat race and start working your own hours, on your own time, the way you want to work. All you need is Wi-Fi and a laptop.

  • Be Your Own Boss, Baby!

    Enjoy the flexibility that comes with being your own boss as you host appointments and make use of our virtual office and every beneficial splash that comes with it.

  • Guidance To Help You Find Your Niche

    You may not know exactly what type of coach you want to be, but we can help you find your niche. Pull up a chair, let’s chat about you! We’ll guide you to your coaching potential.

One Training Program, One Price, Zero Hoops

Unlike other coaching programs where you have dozens of hoops to jump through, Moxie Coach provides one simple and streamline training process to get you started on your calling. One training you gasp! Yes, because we believe in it so much. No training levels, zero tier pricing!

We know life gets busy sometimes, so our year-round training schedule allows you to train at a pace that is convenient for you. No deadline; no crunch to squash your educational journey! Once this training is completed, you can start coaching in the Moxie Virtual Office!

  1. 16 E-Learning Videos

    Video training allows you to go at your own pace.

  2. 15 Live Webinars

    Practice what you learned during the E-Learning with a trainer.

  3. Peer to Peer

    Conduct full coaching sessions with your peers.

  4. Observed Practice

    Conduct coaching sessions with a trainer to complete your certification.


We Don’t Steal Your Money And Run!

We’re not thieves. We instead reward you with our profitable platform. Driving customers to your Moxie online virtual office, you can choose your hours and prices and make as much as you want. We also provide you with the support you need to get started and provide you with the opportunity to make your money back, and so much more!

While supportive in our business, we won’t pressure you into choices you don’t want, nor forcibly recommend your coaching rate. Once you start gaining clients, you’ll see your bank balance climb!

Watch our Demo Video

Watch this quick demo video and see how amazing your training will be with Moxie Coach…


  • "I tried multiple coaching certification programs and to me, Moxie was #1. It kept me engaged and on track. I didn’t feel overwhelmed in any way. I learned a lot more than I had in other programs. By far, my favorite was the live lab sessions; they brought everything home that I learned, allowed me to practice and provided the best feedback I have ever experienced."

    Patty S
  • "I wanted to hone my skills in my current job but also am considering starting my own coaching practice. My favorite training was the Niche Workshop. It helped me figure out my strengths so I could get grounded and have confidence in what I offer. This training helped me drill down into my niche and the exercises brought me to specific focus and insight."

    Bianca D
  • "I lost my job during the Covid-19 pandemic and realized that I didn’t want to go back to work in an office. I wanted to spend more time with my children. Moxie Coach training and virtual office lets me make the rules. I can work when I want and where I want. I can set my prices and my hours. I am now in control of my life!"

    Diana L