Connect With Your Coaching Clients Thought Technology

It’s easy to connect with your coaching clients through technology with just a bit of focus.

Building a connect with your coaching clients is the most important part of a successful Coaching Business. The fear of technology could prevent you from doing what you love the most; COACHING YOUR CLIENTS.

In a world of texting, email and virtual calls, sometimes technology becomes cumbersome and distracting. Many coaches believe that technology will be impersonal and clients will miss the personal touch. The reality is they really want personal, undivided connection in their sessions.

The back and forth with appointment times, payment collection, confirmations, and waiting for a Zoom link is as inconvenient to your clients as it is to you. Although these tasks are hard to avoid, following our 5 tips to effective technology use, should help out.

5 Tips to Effectively Connect With Your Coaching Clients

Preparing for your virtual coaching sessions will be different than in person sessions. This can seem like a no brainer, yet these top 5 reasons will result in an ineffective outcome. These reasons are: ineffective invites, unclear expectations, poor environment, technology issues and ending without recapping the session. Here are our tips to get it right:

Tip # 1 – Send an Effective Invite

The invite is one of the first ways to prepare for an effective virtual session. What should be included? Subject of the meeting, date and time, and a link to your technology platform.

Send an additional link with a “how to video” for the specific technology platform you are using. This will help any client who is new to virtual meetings.

Another best practice is to create a reminder system within the invite. All of the major calendar platforms give you the ability to set numerous reminders. These reminders will automatically send you and the client, notifications to attend the meeting.

Lastly, your invite should include any attachments and files that will be used or needed in the session.

Tip # 2 – Create Clear Expectations

Prepare a timed agenda that details clear objectives. Your virtual coaching sessions will go fast and it will be easy to have a conversation that takes you off course. If you create a timed agenda this will support you and the client in staying on task.

Tip # 3 – Prep Your Environment

Prepping your environment and having enough space is important to limit distractions and increase the ability of achieving your session objectives.

Know how to handle Interruptions and distractions. It’s inevitable at one point or another, you or your client will have a child, pet, spouse, coworker or even the delivery person cause a disruption during the virtual coaching session. However, the important thing is to not spend the time obsessing or discussing the interruption. Stay focussed and moving on to the objective of the virtual meeting.

Tip # 4 – Avoid Technology Issues

Know how to use your technology platform. The internet is flooded with resources that can support you to best use your technology platform. Be sure to check out some of those resources.

Identify your internet connection and speed. Video conferencing uses more bandwidth than a voice call so be sure you have the right strength needed to have clear sound and visuals. Therefore, we recommend that you join your call early and test the functionality. If you want an easy way to find out how fast your internet connection is, read this article.

Check for updates on the technology platform you use. Try to always install the latest version and perform a full shutdown and restart your computer. Finally, perform a test run prior to your virtual visit. Check for video clarity, sound levels and document sharing.

Tip #5 – Start With The End In Mind

The number one reason the recap is missed in virtual sessions is because it is often times left off the agenda. Be sure to have it listed on the agenda and dedicate time to this.

Start your virtual coaching session, knowing you will have to do a recap at the end. This will support you when you are taking notes so you can confirm you and the client are on the same page. Be clear in the expectations throughout the session.

A Final Word…

It’s easy to see how these small things could turn into large barriers to an effective virtual session that can keep you from connecting with your coaching clients. Wish there was an even easier way? Well, there is…

For a more all inclusive technology solution, check out the Moxie Coach Virtual Office here. With this solution, all of your time and the distractions will be minimized. Imagine not having to do anything but post your services, prices and availability! Moxie Coach Virtual Office does the rest. Clients can book, pay and attend sessions with you from any device with wifi. Now that’s the way to connect with your coaching clients!

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