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Want to be a coach but have no idea where to start? Take this quick training to discover your Niche, and how it will set you apart from the rest.

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Changing lives for the better is our passion and coaching is our specialty at Moxie Coach. We’re proud to be a company that offers premium online life coach training opportunities and programs at prices that our customers can afford.

Whether you aspire to be a life coach, that can’t wait to grow your coaching business, or hope to find a life coach that can kick start your goals; we’re here to help. At Moxie Coach, we want you to be successful at everything you do. We are committed to providing the resources and tools to make that happen.

Experience is what sets us apart at Moxie Coach. Our founding team has a professional background that includes training, coaching, leadership, and development.

We put these skills to work to help others turn their passions into purpose. From online life coach training to support professionals in discovering their niche to assisting current coaches in creating a great business plan, everything that we do is designed to encourage positive change.


Customers We Serve

At Moxie Coach, our services are comprehensive and wide-reaching. We serve people who are looking for life coach certification, current coaches, and customers looking to benefit from a life coach.

Our life coach school caters to student coaches who want to start a new and exciting career. We’re just as enthusiastic about the existing coaches that join our virtual office space.

Moxie Coach is also a one-stop shop for clients that want to identify a qualified life coach that will help them to reach their goals. Our company utilizes our established coaching platform to connect clients with coaches using customized parameters.

Certified coaches that are looking to connect with prospective clients greatly benefit from our virtual office platforms. Here, coaches can market their services to people who are actively pursuing the benefits of a life coach. They can also seamlessly network with other professionals in the industry.

Individuals who want to start a new career will find our life coach online school to be exceptional. Moxie Coach provides online training, as well as the virtual training necessary to become an amazing coach and achieve their life coach certification.

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It doesn’t matter your price threshold, topic or availability… you’ll have a convenient way to shop, compare and find the coach you need.


Free Niche Training!

Want to become a coach but have no idea where to start? Take this quick training to discover your Niche, and how it will set you apart from the rest.

You will learn:

What a niche is
Why a niche is important
Popular niche categories
How to identify your ideal client

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Moxie Coach warmly opens it’s Virtual Office doors to all coaches.

Moxie provides a virtual office that does it all: a place to advertise your office hours, host virtual appointments, process payments, create and market packages and build a clientele.



  • "I tried multiple coaching certification programs and to me, Moxie was #1. It kept me engaged and on track. I didn’t feel overwhelmed in any way. I learned a lot more than I had in other programs. By far, my favorite was the live lab sessions; they brought everything home that I learned, allowed me to practice and provided the best feedback I have ever experienced."

    Patty S
  • "I wanted to hone my skills in my current job but also am considering starting my own coaching practice. My favorite training was the Niche Workshop. It helped me figure out my strengths so I could get grounded and have confidence in what I offer. This training helped me drill down into my niche and the exercises brought me to specific focus and insight."

    Bianca D
  • "I lost my job during the Covid-19 pandemic and realized that I didn’t want to go back to work in an office. I wanted to spend more time with my children. Moxie Coach training and virtual office lets me make the rules. I can work when I want and where I want. I can set my prices and my hours. I am now in control of my life!"

    Diana L

Superior Life Coach Services Offered at Moxie Coach

Whether you’re looking to earn your life coach certification online, network with other professionals, or want customized services, our life coach school is designed for you. There are a variety of ways to benefit from the services we offer.

Take Steps to Become a Life Coach

Obtaining your life coach certification online is the first step to turn dreams of a new career into a reality. At Moxie Coach, our online life coach training courses are tailored for individuals who are excited to step into this profitable and change-oriented industry.

Training courses available through our life coach school are hosted online. Students log in to participate in virtual sessions that are fun, educational, and engaging.

The beauty of a life coach certification online is that you can complete requirements at your own pace. At Moxie Coach, most of our students complete the life coach online school in about 12 weeks.

Earning a life coach certification is a multi-step process. Our life coach online school utilizes e-learning, live group training, peer-to-peer practice coaching sessions, and observed sessions.

In observed sessions, a Moxie trainer attends each student’s virtual session and provides feedback for growth and to complete their certification.

At Moxie Coach, students benefit from teachings that focus heavily on the Art of Coaching. This approach refines a coach’s ability to ask the right questions of their clients, but also to create and follow through on manageable SMART and MICRO goals.

Our programs are designed with varying modalities in mind to support unique learning styles. Our students leave our programs well-versed in coaching theory, but also comfortable putting those theories into practice. This combination fuels confidence in our coaches when they step out into the world to pursue their new career.

There’s no reason to limit your potential when you partner with Moxie Coach. We’re proud to provide master-level training courses for students who have completed their certification and are looking to go further.


The Benefits of Becoming a Life Coach Through Moxie

At Moxie Coach, our online training program is not only comprehensive, but for many students, it’s also wonderfully fulfilling. When you know that you have a bigger purpose in life, pursuing your life coach certification can prove to be a great route to defining your skill set and setting yourself up for professional and personal success.

Setting out to become a life coach often starts with a desire to help others. Students who get certified through Moxie will find that it’s also a great step toward helping themselves.

Our certified coaches inevitably learn new and efficient communication strategies that are successful and easy to practice. These strategies are beneficial to clients down the road, but they are just as beneficial to our life coaches on a personal level at home with family and with friends.

Earning a life coach certification is a self-esteem booster and confidence builder. The skills learned through our training programs provide pathways to balance and can equally be applied to financial, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life.

Coaches will find that they have a greater connection to the world and a clearer sense of purpose over time. The skills that you learn as a life coach can help you to shed fear in the face of obstacles, and instead, face life’s trials with positivity and a plan that works.


Your Ultimate Life Coach Resource Platform

Deciding to work with a life coach is a positive step in the right direction for many people. With that being said, before progress can be made, it’s important to make sure you’re paired up with a professional life coach who understands your needs and goals.

At Moxie Coach, we’re the experts at partnering people who are looking for life coaches with professionals that can successfully help them on their journey. Moxie is a convenient, one-stop resource for anyone who doesn’t have time to try out multiple coaching platforms.

Moxie Coach provides a single place for clients to review coaches across a variety of categories and seamlessly compare prices, ratings, and reviews. Once you’ve found your ideal life coach, we make it super simple to book and pay for your sessions. Our comprehensive dashboard lets you hire as many coaches as you need to reach the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Life coaching is a highly personal experience, and it’s fair to say that every coach is unique. The Moxie Coach approach recognizes that clients require coaches who have different strengths and areas of expertise. When you partner us, you can take the time you need to find a perfect match.


Reasons to Look for a Life Coach

Even the most well-intentioned people fall short from time to time. Having a committed professional at your side to motivate and encourage you to reach your goals can be a game-changer. That’s exactly what a life coach does!

Looking for a qualified and caring life coach is a good idea when you have professional and personal goals in mind, but could use something extra to make those dreams happen. Life coaches are trained to provide their clients with the strategies and insights that can bring about increased productivity.

In many ways, life coaches are a bridge between goal setting and achievement. They help clients to facilitate a more balanced work-life structure to live with enhanced focus, meaning, and purpose.

A life coach can help clients to identify and correct behaviors and habits that are stopping them from reaching their goals. They also provide objective feedback about strengths and weaknesses to motivate clients to move forward in the right direction.

The relationship that exists between a life coach and clients has to be built on trust and respect. If you’re someone that is extremely motivated by knowing that another person cares about you and has your back, signing on with a life coach could be exactly what you need to change things up in life.


Additional Life Coach Services at Moxie

At Moxie Coach, we understand just how exciting life coaching can be. We also know that it takes time, energy, and dedication to make a personal life coaching business run smoothly.

That’s why we offer virtual office spaces for coaches that are looking to grow their business and improve their efficiency. Our virtual offices are a great place for professionals to access resources and tools that can help them to take their work to the next level of excellence.

From online booking and digital calendars to comprehensive marketing tools that help you to reach a wider audience, Moxie is in the habit of helping life coach businesses to thrive. Our virtual offices give life coaches the tools they need to set competitive prices, collect payments, and host virtual coaching sessions that will make a huge difference for the people that they serve!

Through our virtual offices, coaches can even track their business analytics to make real-time changes as they’re necessary. When it comes to working through our virtual offices, we make it simple for coaches. We only require a single password to link your business to our platform—eliminating the need for third-party payment, calendar, or booking services.

Finding a Life Coach or Becoming a Coach with Moxie

Getting started with a great life coach is made simple when you work with Moxie Coach. Our easy-to-use platform allows clients to browse a variety of coaches and select the professional that will lead to successful results.

Our platform is just as personalized for people that are looking to become life coaches! Our courses are well-rounded and provide fresh perspectives that are often overlooked in other training programs.

Students can easily pay for their courses using convenient payment plans. Virtual training sessions are done from the comfort of a laptop and completed at each student’s own pace.

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